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Televerde Foundation’s mission is to provide currently and formerly incarcerated women with the personal and professional development programs necessary to successfully join and advance in the global workforce. Our approach inspires creativity, imagination, self-confidence, and social skills while addressing issues that cause recidivism. We enable women to break the generational cycle of poverty and incarceration by becoming positive role models to change the lives of future generations and build stronger communities.

Our Vision
A world with opportunities for all to be successful.
Our Values
Empower Others ~ Courageously Improve ~ Develop Resilience ~ Be Accountable ~ Pay It Forward

Our Team

Our Team

MIchelle Cirocco

Michelle Cirocco is Chief Social Responsibility Officer for Televerde and the Executive Director of Televerde Foundation. She joined Televerde in 1999 where she has held several leadership positions including Chief Marketing Officer.

Michelle was recently named one of the World-Changing Women in Conscious Business by Conscious Company magazine and Most Admired Leader by Phoenix Business Journal. Her journey of transformation was also featured by Forbes in a two-part interview. Michelle is a strong customer champion with a tireless commitment to using business as a force for good.

Michelle earned her MBA from Arizona State University where she also serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council. Michelle is an avid TED fan and organized and hosted TEDxPerryvilleCorrectional, the first TEDx to be held in an Arizona prison. The event looked behind the curtain of incarceration to show the potential that exists in providing second chances.

Michelle also dedicates a significant amount of her supporting justice reform as an Ambassador for Represent Justice. She is also a Sixth Amendment Center board member and member of Conscious Capitalism and Women in Revenue. 

Oonagh McQuarrie

Oonagh McQuarrie leads the Programs Team for Televerde Foundation. She is responsible for identifying, developing, and refining programs and curriculum that help currently and formerly incarcerated women transform their lives and achieve their fullest potential. 

Moving from Scotland to Arizona as a child, adapting to life as a military spouse in her 20s, and changing careers at 30 has given Oonagh a unique understanding on what it takes to change your thinking and forge a new path for yourself. While she does not have incarceration in her background, Oonagh has experienced dramatic changes over the course of her life that help her build empathy and connection with participants and partners alike. Oonagh lives in Tempe, AZ with her husband, daughter, and two dogs. 

Rashele Lomax

Rashele Lomax is the Program Coordinator for Televerde Foundation. She is responsible for helping to build and design meaningful and relevant programs offered by Televerde Foundation as well as coordinating marketing and communications efforts. Rashele’s experience includes developing marketing content, facilitation of prison reentry classes as well as a background in training and development.

Rashele joined Televerde in 2016, as an incarcerated employee, and quickly worked her way up from Lead Development Representative to Engagement Center Trainer & Sales Coach. Rashele enjoys writing in her spare time and has been published by MarketingProfs as well as the Televerde blog. Rashele joins the Foundation from a place of understanding and compassion. She not only understands the importance of the mission but has experienced firsthand the struggles that come along with attaining gainful employment upon release from incarceration. She is currently working towards her Associates Degree in Business.

Dawn Coppens

Dawn Coppens is the Head of Business Development & Partnership

Dawn Coppens is the Head of Business Development & Partnerships for Televerde Foundation. In this role Dawn shares the opportunity and value Televerde Foundation brings to companies interested in Second chance hiring and Fair chance hiring. Dawn is responsible for identifying like-minded corporate sponsors and partners who are interested in working with Televerde Foundation, especially the women who are part of the program. Dawn leverages 30 years of sales, marketing and technical management expertise to develop strategies from vision to disruption, never losing sight of the voice of the customer, corporate sponsor and partner.

Prior to joining Televerde Foundation, Dawn was Global Vice President of Account Management for Televerde. Dawn has a genuine passion for doing the right thing, a passion that drives actions, actions that build trust and positive outcomes.

Jada Vickers

Jada Vickers is the Business Development Associate for Televerde Foundation. She is responsible for identifying and developing opportunities for corporate philanthropy, sponsorships, partnerships, and grants with organizations who are actively pursuing social impact initiatives. Jada has extensive experience as a Sales Development Representative responsible for driving over $14M in pipeline with a variety of clients at Televerde. She has a passion for criminal justice reform and a strong desire to have a significant impact on the lives of others with felony convictions and disenfranchised communities as a whole. 

Her ability to speak from the heart helps her connect with organizations paving the way to reforming our criminal justice system by providing second chances to citizens reentering the community. Jada is currently working toward her Associates Degree in Business and has worked her way into this position with her passion for advocacy and her deep understanding of the many challenges returning citizens face upon reentry into the community and the resources necessary to ensure success upon transition.

Tami Martinez

Tami Martinez is a proud supporter of Fair Chance Hiring, and has a passion for empowering individuals, developing raw skills into talent, and impacting the lives of her community.

She has an exceptional ability to leverage talent and best practices to drive organizational effectiveness. 

Prior to TV Foundation, Tami built a career in the field of human resources. In her previous role she worked as an HR Generalist and Talent Consultant for Televerde and Director of Employment Services at Arouet Foundation, both change management leaders for the Second Chance hiring model. Tami’s work at these companies impacted hundreds of lives and her creation and growth of a network of Second Chance employers was fundamental to the mission success of Arouet Foundation. In her 25-year career, Tami is a proven team builder and development champion who leads with a servant leadership model. She credits the success of employment to a transparent, authentic, and courageous environment where all feel that their voice is heard. 

Televerde Foundation PATHS Graduate
Ashlee Liberty

Ashlee Liberty is a Program Specialist for Televerde Foundation where she has the opportunity to provide support to women who are developing the skills necessary for success as they prepare to transition home from incarceration. Her responsibilities include helping to develop and deliver meaningful and relevant programs, as well as assisting with coordinating marketing and communication efforts. Ashley believes that she is proof that Televerde Foundation programs create change and development both personally and professionally as she is a graduate of the first cohort of Career PATHS. 

Upon graduation, Ashlee was offered employment at the Televerde Foundation, fueling her passion to create change and further her own journey with the Foundation to show more women like herself that they too are capable of amazing things. Ashlee strongly believes that given the right opportunity, guidance, and second chance, every individual can change the trajectory of their life and become a great citizen in society upon transitioning home. In her free time, Ashlee enjoys working out and pushing herself to be involved in things that take her out of her comfort zone and encourage the growth and success of others. She enjoys mentoring and assisting others and is driven daily by her desire to help women break the cycle of recidivism. 

Tina Schnaitman

Tina Schnaitman is a Certified Peer Support Specialist and Certified Trauma Support Specialist at Televerde Foundation with a passion for helping women in our programs to be successful upon graduation and transition home. Tina is driven by a desire to ensure that participants and graduates have the proper support system and post-release programs in place that have been proven to break the cycle of incarceration and lower recidivism rates to less than 5%. 

Tina’s passion for helping women stems from her own experience in overcoming barriers that she has faced and drives her to be the support that women truly need. Her ability to build relationships with participants and graduates while maintaining a professional perspective allows her to be objective and guide the women towards further personal development within their communities. 

Yolanda Ewing

Yolanda joined Televerde Foundation as a Workforce Development Manager and is responsible for being instrumental in all aspects of development, implementation and monitoring of programs related to workforce development, skills training, and job readiness. In this role, Yolanda facilitates on-site coaching and follow-up management, as relevant to programs supported within Televerde Foundation. She holds a seat on the council board for small business, nonprofit board of directors and obtained certificates for nonprofits trainings. Yolanda is also a licensed and ordained Pastor and has been honored for Humanitarian of the Year.

Yolanda is passionate about ensuring the women in Televerde Foundation Career PATHS Center have the tools, skills, and opportunity to succeed upon returning home to their communities. With her extensive background within the nonprofit space, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and is able to effectively guide the participants towards desired outcomes. Yolanda is a strong business professional who is driven to further the mission of Televerde Foundation to reduce recidivism. She has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Grand Canyon University. 

Coral Griswold

Coral Griswold is a Client and Community Engagement Manager at Televerde Foundation. In her role, she is responsible for working side by side with participants to ensure that they are on the road to success upon transitioning home and have a solid plan in place to prevent recidivism. She is also responsible for managing partnerships in the community in which the women are returning home to, ensuring that all participants have the community resources that they need to hit the ground running. Coral’s position gives her the ability to play a key role in breaking the cycle of incarceration and setting the women up for continued success. 

Coral is passionate about reducing recidivism, identifying disparities in marginalized communities, and ending generational incarceration. She is a Certified Trauma Support Specialist and earned her Bachelors Degree in Community Advocacy and Social Policy from Arizona State University, Cum Laude, which gives her the knowledge and skills to assist and support others in moving forward to living a life of purpose and meaning. 

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