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Who is Televerde Foundation?

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Our Mission

Provide currently and formerly incarcerated women with the personal and professional development programs necessary to successfully join and advance in the global workplace. Our approach develops self-efficacy by inspiring creativity, imagination, self-confidence, and social skills while addressing issues that cause recidivism. We enable women to break the generational cycle of poverty and incarceration by becoming positive role models to change the lives of future generations and build stronger communities.

Our Vision
A world with opportunities for all to be successful.
Our Values
Empower Others ~ Courageously Improve ~ Develop Resilience ~ Be Accountable ~ Pay It Forward

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Our Team

Our Team

MIchelle Cirocco
Oonagh McQuarrie
Rashele Lomax
Dawn Coppens
Jada Vickers
Tami Martinez
Televerde Foundation PATHS Graduate
Ashlee Liberty
Tina Schnaitman
Yolanda Ewing
Coral Griswold
Rafael Cantu

Board of Directors

Vince Barsolo
Bertus Chilliers
Bertus Chilliers
Greg Saxon
Aamna Jalal
Supports hiring justice involved women
Brenda Kay
Kay Kienast - Board Member
Kay Kienast
Adrian Paull
Denisha Tate-McAlister - Board Member
Denisha Tate-McAlister
Ashley Bowers
Jim Alexander

Advisory Board

Koby Rotstein
Koby Rotstein
Tony Roma
David Simpson
Jeremy Veatch
Dave Prus - Advisor
Dave Prus
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