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Welcome to The
Televerde Virtual Roundtable

We invite you to watch this series of first-person video narratives by the women who partner with us.

Our Story

In 2020, Televerde Foundation was launched to deliver a robust workforce development program that focuses on personal wellness, workplace readiness, employment strategies, financial literacy, lifelong learning and mentoring. We call this the PATHS Program: Prepare Achieve and Transform for Healthy Success.

Joblessness is the #1 predictor of recidivism. That’s why our programs focus on preparing women to enter the global workforce and include personal wellness, workplace readiness, employment strategies, financial literacy, lifelong learning and mentoring.

More than 81,000 women are released from prison each year, all of whom deserve an opportunity to find and fulfill their full potential. Women are the fastest growing segment of the prison population, yet have access to fewer services than incarcerated men. They also face unique challenges after release. Women tend to be the primary breadwinner and caregiver and urgently need stable, good-paying employment. The road to economic stability is more complicated than just skills training. It requires self-confidence, resilience, and the community support necessary to overcome obstacles.

The year 2022 is being called “the great reckoning for corporate purpose.” Consumers are demanding that companies be sincere in their desire to help solve the world’s most pressing issues and embed their social commitments into every aspect of their business. We must “walk the talk” and a big piece of corporate social purpose is to help expand economic opportunity to talent pools that have been traditionally overlooked or discarded because of their background or circumstance.

2022 Televerde Foundation Impact Report
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“Employability while in prison gave me back the self-worth and independence that I lost as a result of my incarceration. Further, Televerde’s commitment to reentry was key to helping me successfully transition back into my community. Their focus on career readiness and professional empowerment opportunities enabled me to secure a high paying professional position in technology after my release.”

Vivian Nelson - Televerde Graduate

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“Televerde gets you started with a career in business and the Televerde Foundation helps you nourish and grow it. The skills and programs provided by the foundation prepare you to manage your career upon reentry, which is critical to your long-term success. Having access to career resources, mentors, and job placement as you leave prison gives you a head start and makes you more competitive in the hiring process. To know you have complete and total support without judgment has made all the difference in my life. It’s empowered me to reclaim my future and become the woman I am today.”

Erica Munoz - Televerde Graduate